Additional Services

Air Barrier Analysis and Testing

The importance of having an airtight building enclosure is ever increasing and is being mandated by energy codes and institutions, such as the US Army Corps of Engineers. HPBS has been successful in meeting these stringent requirements by offering the following services:

  • Design development consultation on air barrier assemblies and systems, detailing, and material specifications
  • Review of air barrier design details for continuity and constructability
  • Review product submittals for compliance with project specifications
  • Quality assurance field observations during installation
  • Testing building air tightness in accordance with ASTM E 1827 (2002) and ASTM E 779 (2003)
  • Infrared thermography and smoke tracer diagnostic services to determine leakage paths and provide corrective actions

Hygrothermal Roof & Wall Assembly Analysis

The best opportunity to eliminate potential moisture build-up and consequent condensation within the building enclosure is during the early design development process. HPBS will use their expertise in Building Sciences to assist the Architect during this critical phase by conducting hygrothermal analysis of critical wall and roof assemblies. We use the industry leading WUFI/ORNL software to determine the wall/roof assembly’s performance over time and to recommend cost effective solutions to mitigate such problems.

Sustainability Consulting

This service is aimed at identifying opportunities for energy savings, operational improvements and indoor air quality improvements for new and existing facilities. It is a collaborative process to determine our clients’ goals of their sustainable initiative and/or program and to assist them in achieving those goals. These goals often relate to transportation, building efficiencies, sustainable education, green procurement, waste reduction/recycling, greenhouse gas emissions inventory, indoor air quality or simply achieving LEED certification.

  • LEED Certification Management/Coordination
  • Design Review Services
  • Measurement & Verification
  • Life Cycle and Cost Benefit Analysis